Corel Anti-Piracy - Play Fair!

Corel Anti-Piracy – Play Fair!

Playing a team sport is a great experience. But whether you're winning or losing, the level of support you receive from your team depends on the behavior and attitude of each member. Software is the same – the success and security of all participants – the developers, sellers and users like yourself – depends on fair play. Software piracy really harms everyone – often including the pirates themselves!

What is software piracy?

Software piracy occurs when software is illegally copied, sold or improperly licensed. Forms of piracy include downloading Corel serial numbers, Corel keygens, Corel software cracks and illegal versions of products such as CorelDRAW?, PaintShop? Pro, WinDVD? or WinZip?. Aside from being illegal, pirated software may also threaten your product's functionality, invade your privacy and put your reputation at risk.

On the flip side, when you buy genuine, authorized software, you get access to technical support, product updates and future upgrades. Our products all undergo quality assurance testing to ensure they are safe, stable, and without malware.

If you suspect you're a victim of software piracy, please contact us at?

How to recognize piracy

  • Check prices?– be wary if the discount is more than 50% off
  • Quality of packaging?– Packaging that is inconsistent with other resellers' packaging and what is shown on the software maker's website is most likely illegitimate
  • End-User License Agreement?– if it's not there, your software's not authentic
  • Contact us?– if you're not sure, email us at?, and we can let you know if your vendor is an authorized reseller and if your software is legitimate

Software piracy isn't always obvious

Have you heard of softlifting? Probably not…but you may unknowingly be doing it. Softlifting is when you purchase a single license copy of a software program and then load it onto multiple machines, contrary to the terms of agreement.